Mentoring session

The 27th annual WiN Global conference includes two mentoring sessions in the conference program on Wednesday 19th June, 8:00-9:30 am, that will run before  the technical program.

The mentoring sessions facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the current generation of scientists, engineers and technologists (mentor) to future generations (mentee)

To achieve this, sessions will draw on the many industry leaders who will be attending the conference and participating in the conference program as speakers and subject matter experts. We are grateful to speakers and registered participants who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Mentors can share their career aspirations and challenges. The mentoring sessions will also provide participants the opportunity to hear mentoring advice from industry leaders.

We are looking forward to bringing together leaders from diverse backgrounds to encourage the transfer of knowledge to junior professionals who will be attending the conference.

Interested mentees please send an e-mail to:

Optional Social visit / Monday 17th

Toledo trip at 70 km from Madrid: To gain an overview of the city. We will walk the city and visit several monuments and historical buildings: the Gothic Cathedral  from XIII century located in Town Hall Square; the old Jewish Quarter with its typical narrow streets; the Church of “Santo Tomé”, which gathers “The Burial of the Count Orgaz”, a masterpiece of “El Greco”; the Synagogue of “Santa María la Blanca”, witnesses of the coexistence of the three Cultures: Christian, Muslim and Jewish; the Monastery of “San Juan de los Reyes”; and the “Victorio Macho“ Museum.

Toledo is a unique city set in spectacular surroundings with beautiful views of “el Tajo” river. Finally, we will visit a Damascene factory, known as “Toledo art” inherited from the ancient craftsmen. The approximate duration of the trip is 5h, and we will arrive by bus.

Optional Social event / Tuesday 18th
Choose only one option. Limited places.

1. El Prado Museum
Includes entrance ticket and guided tour inside the Prado Museum, one of the most important paintings, art and sculpture collections in the world. The visit will start at 18:00 in the conference venue. The itinerary will be a selection of the most important pieces of the museum.

2. Touristic walking tour to “Madrid de los Austrias”
Guided walking tour where you will discover the famous Madrid of the Austrias. That part of the city had a relevance and flourished thanks to the presence of the Court for almost two centuries that lasted the Habsburg dynasty in Spain. One of the biggest attractions of the downtown area of Madrid is without any doubt this neighborhood. It is not a neighborhood in itself but is defined as a primitive medieval layout initiated by the Habsburg.
The tour will start at 18:00 in the conference venue. The itinerary will be a walking tour around this area.

Gala dinner / Wednesday 19th

Café de Oriente Restaurant at the Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) is located in a privileged environment, the University area, in the periphery of Madrid city. It has spectacular views of gardens and fountains. The menu offers an up-to-date Basque cuisine prepared by the prestigious Lezama Group. In summer, you will enjoy a lovely evening in the best terrace in Madrid.

Avenida Juan de Herrera, 2, Madrid

Ciudad Universitaria (L6), Moncloa (L3, L6)

At the end of the dinner a 45 minutes Flamenco show (tablao) will be offered, with cantaor, bailaor, bailaora, guitar and cajón.

Optional Technical visits / Thursday 20th

Two options:

    1. – CIEMAT – TJ-II a highly flexible medium-size fusion device of the Heliac type built at CIEMAT. CIEMAT is a public research center assigned to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities under the Secretariat of State for Universities, Research, Development and Innovation (Madrid).
      – CNIC Spanish National center for Cardiovascular research, is dedicated to understanding the basis of cardiovascular health and disease and to translating this knowledge into improved patient care.
    2. ALMARAZ Nuclear Power Plant is located in Caceres, about 200 km from Madrid point West. Almaraz has two pressurized light water reactor units of 2,686 thermal MW each, with three cooling system loops per unit. We will also visit the Almaraz NPP’s ISFSI (Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation).
Technical visit / Friday 21th

El Cabril Disposal Facility (Córdoba). The Spanish disposal facility for very low, low and intermediate level radioactive waste.